Selection Tip #3 Experience Level of Packing and Moving Teams

Tip #4 – Selecting an International Moving Company – Global Supply Chain Support

Selection Tip #3 Experience Level of Packing and Moving Teams

Professional international moving ? ??????

We have previously advised you of the importance of selecting a FMC licensed international households goods moving company and also how important the experience of their coordinating staff are in providing the best international relocation possible. Of equal importance is the experience and skill level of the international packing and moving team that will be packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, securing, or securing  your shipment for overseas transport.

packaging furniture for international move

The majority of international relocations go by ocean. These voyages are typically at least 3 weeks on the water and can encounter rough conditions at some point. How your belongings are packed, loaded and secured will make a major difference in their condition

when you receive them. Roadrunner provides our international moving

Professional international packing

customers with moving teams that are specifically trained in packing/unpacking, loading/unloading and securing/unsecuring international household goods shipments. The Roadrunner packing and moving teams have very little turnover and are dedicated international professionals.

Another critical part of the international moving process is the inventory. These inventories are used during the customs clearance process at your destination country . For those of you that will be relocating to

Container loading takes great skill

countries with the same house current as in the US you will undoubtedly be sending electronic items. The majority of these countries require that the make, model and serial# are listed on the inventory. Failure to do so will create delays and additional expenses. Crews that handle both domestic and international shipments many times fail to put this vital information on the inventory.

Very important finishing touch is the bulkhead.

Roadrunner’s team of international moving specialist will protect your valued belongings from beginning to end and prevent these type of errors to make sure you have a smooth and stress free moving experience during the entire international relocation process.

Contact a Roadrunner Moving Professional to learn more about the importance of their experience for your international move.

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