Why Change The Locks On Your New Home When Moving?

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Why Change The Locks On Your New Home When Moving?

Moving into a new house is one of the most exciting and, at the same time, frightening/daunting events in the life of a person. Change is a big thing in the life of most people, and it is also inevitable at times. This is why it is important to embrace it the best way that you can. For this, having professionals by your side who can at least ease part of the process is a must. An experienced moving company like ours for example can make a big difference when it comes to your future moving plans. But there are so many more aspects that need to be taken care of prior to your big move. Here are a few of them below, and the immediate solutions to them.

What To Do Prior To Your Movehouse locks replacement

  • Hire a licensed and insured locksmith – if you live in an U.S. state where licensing is mandatory according to the law. Have them assess the state of the existing locks on the doors and windows. See if you can come across a service that offers free assessments, such as the Authorized Locksmiths company.

  • Immediately re-key or replace the indicated locks. You do not want to move in into a vulnerable place since day one, you most certainly also do not want to know the old owners or an old pet sitter still has the key to the property for one reason or the other. Sleep well at night knowing you have moved into a house with brand new lock sets and keys – and that you are the only one holding them.

  • According to studies in the field, most people do not change the locks on their new properties. But did you know that did will also eventual lead to home insurance claims being turned down if a spare set of keys was used by the previous owners or even tradesman to order to burglarize your place? Why take a chance when you can make a simple phone call and set up an appointment with a professional locksmith at your desired date and time to do the necessary house locks replacement?

  • Also check the state of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors before moving into your new place.

Do Not Be Too Trusting!

Did you know that only 30 percent of movers change locks on all external doors? Twelve percent will install new locks on at least one door, which is the main entry door on the house. What about the rest of new home movers? They will not lift a single finger to do anything about the existing security conditions. So trusting the old owners are good people who would never dare to get into the house while you are away to work or on a vacation is never a good idea.

Always check and see if any third parties still hold on to former keys and have them hand them over to you. Since you will never know for sure if they are telling the truth or not, it is best to change the locks.

Older People Should Be More Careful

The same studies have shown that older people are less prone to change the locks compared to the younger generations. Not only do they endanger their valuables, but they are also more likely to have issues when filing claims with their insurance companies in case of burglaries. The insurers will ask to see proof of the forced entry before paying out on a claim.

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