International Moving Company Communication – Selection Tip #5

Tip #4 – Selecting an International Moving Company – Global Supply Chain Support

International Moving Company Communication – Selection Tip #5

Communication, both as an “action” and a “thing”, is a very broad term and plays a vital role in the international relocation process.veroxybd.com

At Roadrunner International – Communication is part of our DNA

In order for your international shipment to safely navigate the complexities of: various modes of transport, procedural processes, diversity of geography, elements of nature, and societal borders; it is of utmost importance to have effective communication.   Selecting an international mover that has the capabilities to provide effective communication for both you and your precious cargo is extremely important in ensuring a successful international relocation.

Both the actions of timely communication within the supply chain and the “things” (tools) for communication are of mutual priority to achieving a successful relocation.

In order for the critical information elements to pass efficiently through the complex global supply chain, the communication culture or “DNA”, of your international relocation services provider must evidence one of an urgency of success to their clients. We will call this the “action” of communication.

Next, in order to achieve the goal of the active communication for their clients, the relocation provider must have the tools to provide the action.  In order to participate as a valuable global supply chain partner, your international relocation provider must possess tools beyond the traditional telephone, postal, telex, and email and reach across a broad spectrum of complexities, ie: data bases, web tools, social media, ERP’s, etc.

At <a href="http://www”>Roadrunner Moving and Storage an international Moving company in Houston we understand that for our customers to have a smooth and trouble free international relocation experience we must continually enhance both our active communication as well as of our communication infrastructure.  This will help us to ensure communicating with and between: the transferees making the relocation overseas, operations staff that dispatches crews to the transferee’s residence, trucking companies that move shipments to and from ocean and air ports, carriers providing ocean and air services, government agencies that require important documents and agents responsible for services in foreign countries… the highest of priorities.

Failure to actively communicate client critical information to these supply chain partners will cause delays which may lead to potentially increased costs, time, frustrations, penalties, and other unnecessary costs.

When you are searching for an international moving company, make sure and contact  Roadrunner Moving and Storage when you need an estimate for international moving services.


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